Friday, December 4, 2009

1 + 1 = 11

On the 29th of Nov. Charly turned 11 months old... okay there is said it. This means that she will be a year old next month and I can't even believe it... Here is a little bit about Charlotte at 11 months...

She had 6 teeth! The top 3 she cut all at once and it was horrible but i am so glad it is over and she looks so adorable with them!

Playing with the Tupperware is her favorite past time

She copies everything that we do! (This is right after I started the dishwasher)

She loves animals! (I know this is gross but i just couldn't hep it)

She loves her daddy and thinks her uncle Mitch is the greatest!

But of course her mommy is still #1

Charlotte is such a blessing to our lives and continues to amaze us everyday! I just love being her mom and count my lucky stars everyday for such a healthy and happy little girl.

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