Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Splinter Fracture?

So, Charly's new favorite past time is so throw toys into the toilet. Since I think this is very unsanitary I have been keeping all the bathroom doors shut both at the office and home. Well I was in a hurry trying to leave the office the other day and forgot to shut the bathroom door after Charly woke up from her nap and while I was getting her things together she crawled in the bathroom and then............ It was the most horrible cry I have ever heard, well it was more screaming at first. It was so sad. She shut the toilet lid on her hand. Her pinkie finger on her left hand swelled up and bruised almost instantly. So after doing a little crying myself with her I took her over to the IHC in Hurricane and sure enough we had a splinter fracture. There is not much they can do because she is so little. I still feel so horrible but it is getting much better since last Thursday when she did it. So from now on I am constantly checking to make sure the bathroom door is shut. Hopefully she wont learn to open it when she starts walking...

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